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1. What methods of water well construction are used in Lake County?
2. What is the main difference between the two methods?
3. What should I do after I have hired a water well contractor?
4. I am having difficulty installing my water well at the minimal distance from sources of contamination. What should I do?
5. What should I do if the Water Well Program Coordinator rejects my variance request?
6. What should I do after the water well has been installed?
7. What should I do if my water analysis comes back unsatisfactory?
8. Do I need a treatment system for my water supply?
9. I have an existing water well and just installed a new well or connected to a public water supply. What should I do with the existing water well?
10. Can water wells be shared by two or more houses?
11. How often should I have my water well tested?
12. How healthy is your well water?