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Request Form to Community Safety Team

  1. Request Form to Sheriff's Community Safety Team
  2. This is a Request Form to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Community Safety Team for services pertaining to Emergency Operation Plan Development. Below are menu options you may select for general information, site assessments, guidance in creating a custom Emergency Operation Plan and training for your members. Select the menu option that addresses your needs. A Community Safety Team Member will contact you shortly. The Request Forms are tracked Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM.
  3. Do not submit in-progress criminal activity on the Request Form. If you or someone else requires immediate assistance from law enforcement dial, 911. If you believe criminal activity will result in harm to persons or property without prompt intervention from law enforcement, dial 911. If you wish to be contacted, you must leave your contact information. Do not use this form to make a police report. If you want to make a police report call 847-549-5200.
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