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Information Request to Hold a Truancy Hearing

  1. Student Information

  2. Documents for Truancy Hearing Request

    Please include the reports that were requested by the Outreach Specialist.

  3. Please provide a YTD attendance report showing dates and absence codes (ex. UA, EA).

  4. Please provide the history of absences the student has had since kindergarten.

  5. Please include credits earned

  6. This is in regards to the impact absences have had on the student.

  7. Of meetings with school staff (admin, support staff).

  8. Special Education Services

    If the student receives Special Education Services or has a 504 plan in place, the following information will be necessary.

  9. Separate different testing days with a comma or semi-colon.

  10. i.e. Counseling, extended test time.


    Please indicate specific services, meetings and interventions attempted by the school including dates and outcomes.

  12. Social History

    Please provide a background history of the student, including family information, academic information, social and peer relations, behavior problems at school and any information on community agency involvement with the student or family.

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