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  1. Site Manager Availability
    March 20, 2018
    General Primary Election

    Whether or not you intend to work in this election...
    Please Submit this Survey by February 2, 2018
    If you have questions, contact Amanda DeRue (, 847-377-2314).

  2. Availability*

    Are you AVAILABLE and do you INTEND to serve as a Site Manager for the General Primary Election on March 20, 2018?

  3. Are you a candidate for the 2018 Election?*

  4. Are you willing to Rove to 1 additional polling place on Election Day?

  5. Required: Site Manager Training*

    We are asking that all Site Managers attend a Site Manager Training Class. This class will provide election-specific updates. We will address procedures, relevant statute, and any ePollbook Changes.

    Please select the Site Manager Training session you would like to attend:

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