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Review Election Judge Assessment - 2021

  1. Returning judges must satisfactorily pass this assessment to receive credit. Our office will notify you only if you did not pass.

  2. 1. Which is an example of electioneering that is prohibited at the voting site?

  3. 2. Why is every voter's signature verified by two election judges?

  4. 3. Pollwatchers are allowed to…

  5. 4. When checking in a voter on the ePollbook, the Check-In Judge should…

  6. 5. To properly and fully check in a voter, a Check-In Judge must:

  7. 6. The Check-In Judge can process which of the following types of voters?

  8. 7. The BALLOT ISSUE Judges are responsible for…

  9. 8. Which items must match on the application to vote and the ballot being issued?

  10. 9. If the application for ballot is accidentally torn in half before the voter is checked in, the election judge should…

  11. 10. A judge may leave at the end of the night when…

  12. 11. If a voter cannot be found after searching for their name, address, or date of birth; the next step should be…

  13. 12. If the voter is marked as having requested (but not yet returned) a ballot by mail (blue envelope icon), what options for voting do they have on Election Day?

  14. 13. If the voter’s information ribbon has a gray background, this indicates that…

  15. 14. Why is it important that a voter get the correct ballot style?

  16. 15. What is the ONLY thing that is packed in the ballot transfer case at the end of the night?

  17. 16. What is done with the application when it is printed with the wrong party?

  18. 17. At the end of the night BALLOT ISSUE judges will need to:

  19. 18. If a voter is issued a ballot without judge’s initials, it must be spoiled.

  20. 19. Election judges should vote early or vote by mail prior to Election Day.

  21. 20. If neighbors in the same precinct are in different school districts, they would have different school board candidates on their ballots (ballot styles would be different).

  22. 21. All ePollbooks should be checked for pending voters before powering off.

  23. 22. A voter’s Voters Certificate of Registration card is an acceptable form of proof of address.

  24. 23. ONLY ballots should be returned in the ballot transfer cases.

  25. 24.Election judges should arrive at the voting site no later than 5:15 AM.

  26. 25. At the end of the night, voted ballots are separated by precinct.

  27. 26. A voter is not marked as voted in the ePollbook unless the “RECORD CHECK-IN” button at the end of the check-in process is selected.

  28. 27. Voters who requested a ballot by mail cannot vote on Election Day.

  29. 28. A voter who needs to register must be processed by the Voter Services Judge.

  30. 29. A Check-In Judge can direct a voter to their correct voting site.

  31. 30. A Ballot Issue Judge must initial every ballot that is issued to voters.

  32. 31. A properly completed affidavit is proof the proper procedure was followed.

  33. 32. There is no need to check the ballot style if the precinct number on the application is the same as on the ballot.

  34. 33. Ballot Issue Judges initial the ballots with their assigned color pens so they can sort the different precinct ballots easily at the end of the night.

  35. 34. The card with the “User Name” and “Password” is found in the black binder.

  36. 35. The labels on the ballot packets, once removed, can be thrown in the trash can.

  37. 36. All judges remain at the voting site until all closing procedures are complete.

  38. 37. The envelope icon means that a voter has requested a ballot by mail.

  39. 38. Every ballot packet should be opened first thing in the morning.

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