Who sits on Board of Review?
Illinois law mandates composition of the Boards of Review. In most township counties, three persons appointed by the County Board comprise the Board of Review. In counties such as Lake County, candidates for the Board of Review must pass an examination administered by the Department of Revenue. The Board of Review in Lake County also uses hearing officers to assist with conducting the assessment review process.

The Office of the Board of Review in Lake County is housed in the Chief County Assessment Office located in the County courthouse. The Chief County Assessment Officer (CCAO) is the Clerk of the Board of Review. The CCAO staff serves as the support mechanism for all Board of Review activities and the staff of the office is also able to answer taxpayer’s questions on assessments.

By law, Boards of Review must convene by the first Monday in June. The Lake County Board of Review completes hearing appeals in early February. After the Board of Review adjourns, assessment books are returned to the County Clerk for computation of tax rates and tax bills.

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