What is a civil union?
A civil union is a legal relationship granted by the State of Illinois. However, civil unions entered into in Illinois are not recognized under federal laws. For information about legal benefits under the state law, seek competent legal counsel.

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1. What is a civil union?
2. When did civil unions become legal in Illinois?
3. Who can enter into a civil union?
4. May applicants have been previously married or in a civil union?
5. Is a license required for a civil union to be established in Lake County?
6. Is there a cost for the license?
7. Are both applicants required to be present to apply for the civil union license?
8. What do we do with the license?
9. Do we need to have a religious ceremony in order to enter into a civil union?
10. Will an Illinois civil union be recognized in other states?
11. Are parties to same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic partnerships in another state required to enter into a separate civil union in Illinois?
12. If parties participated in a religious ceremony, but have not entered into a legal relationship in any state, is a civil union needed?