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1. Why does my lake look like someone poured green paint into it?
2. If I’m seeing a lot of foam washing up along my shoreline, is it possible that someone is dumping detergent into the lake via wash water?
3. What does it really mean when a beach is closed? Why can’t I still swim?
4. Why is it undesirable to remove all of the plants from my lake?
5. Is it legal to put aquatic herbicides in my lake?
6. Are aquatic herbicides safe to put in my lake?
7. My shoreline is eroding. Should I install a seawall?
8. Should I have an aerator installed in my lake?
9. What can be done about all the geese that live on my lake and are ruining my beach and lawn with their feces?
10. I'm worried about sediment entering my lake from a nearby construction site. What can I do?