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1. Can the Sheriff’s Office provide legal advice?
2. My home is in foreclosure. How long before I have to move out?
3. Why isn’t the lender returning my calls?
4. Whom can I call for legal assistance?
5. A letter was sent informing me that my house will be sold at a Sheriff’s Sale. Do I have to attend the sale?
6. The original sale date for my house was changed to a different date. What does that mean?
7. Do I have to move out of my home the same day it is sold?
8. Someone from the lender’s office called and told me I have to move out even though the Sheriff’s sale did not occur yet. Do I have to move out immediately?
9. Can the Sheriff cancel my sale?
10. The house I am renting is in foreclosure. What can I do? Do I still have to pay the rent?
11. The lender called and said my house is in foreclosure, but I do not see my property listed on your website. How do I find out if my house will be sold?