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1. I mailed my payment on the due date and now I'm getting a balance due statement for an outstanding balance. Why?
2. When will the tax bill be mailed?
3. My value went down, but my bill went up, what happened?
4. I have applied for and thought that I received the Senior Freeze exemption; how could my tax bill go up?
5. Why was there a state multiplier?
6. Isn't there a cap on how much my bill can change?
7. Home values have been declining, so why is my bill higher?
8. My tax bill seems too high. Is it too late to appeal?
9. Will partial payments be accepted once the bills have been sent out?
10. Are there other items that I should be paying close attention to on the tax bill?
11. My mortgage company pays my taxes. Why did I get a bill?
12. I did not live here last year. Why did I receive a tax bill?
13. My tax bill seems too high. How can I make sure it is correct?
14. I did not pay my taxes last year. Where can I find out how much I owe?
15. Can I pre-pay my taxes?
16. I own multiple parcels in the County. Can I pay with one check?
17. If I pay by mail, how can I get a receipt?
18. Is there a charge for a copy of my bill?
19. If I pay by mail, do you honor postmark?
20. What are the hours for the Treasurer’s Office?
21. How do I pay my tax bill?
22. I never received my tax bill. What should I do?
23. What if I have my bill, but I lost my payment stubs?
24. What if, for some reason, I have to pay my taxes late?
25. What if, for some reason, I am altogether unable to pay my taxes? Will I lose my property?
26. Can I make my tax payment online with my local bank?