Who is eligible?

You may be eligible if:

  • You pay rent in Lake County.
  • You must have a COVID-related financial hardship (job loss, furlough, reduced hours due to school closures, unexpected medical or other expenses).
  • You are at risk of homelessness or housing instability.
  • Your household has a current annual household income below the following amounts:
    1 Person Household: $52,200
    2 Person Household: $59,650
    3 Person Household: $67,100
    4 Person Household: $74,550
    5 Person Household: $80,550
    6 Person Household: $86,500
    7 Person Household: $92,450
    8 Person Household: $98,450

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17. What happens after I apply?
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20. Do I need a formal rental agreement or lease to qualify for the program?
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22. Can I receive assistance if I am not listed on the utility bill?
23. Can I receive assistance if I have section 8 or other subsidized housing?
24. I received a referral from 211 and have not heard back from the agency yet.
25. Can I be eligible if I lost employment before COVID? The pandemic made it difficult to find employment.
26. I received assistance a few months ago and I need more help.
27. I’m homeless. Can I receive assistance?
28. I’m a landlord, am I eligible to apply for my units?