Is it legal to put aquatic herbicides in my lake?
Yes, it is legal in the State of Illinois to apply registered, non-restricted use aquatic herbicides. However, you must own the portion of the lake bottom you are going to treat. If you do not know if you own the bottom, you must find out before you conduct any treatments.

Additionally, you must also ensure that the herbicides you apply to your portion of the lake bottom do not affect neighboring portions. This can be very difficult in aquatic situations due to herbicide drift (movement from one area to another). For these reasons, whole lake treatments can be difficult unless the permission of all bottom owners is obtained. In these situations, spot treatment of individual parcels might be a better choice.

Although it is legal for private homeowners to treat their own property, it may be best to hire an aquatic herbicide applicator to ensure the job is done correctly. They are professionals with the experience to know when, where and what herbicides are best suited for your lake and specific situation.

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