Can I view data or images over the Internet?

If you need to research recorded property records over the Internet you may wish to obtain online access. This product will allow you to conduct business 24/7!

For more information, please refer to our Online Access Information page. It is our hope that you find this new product easy to use from the convenience of your office.

Online Access Information Page

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1. Where is the Recording Division of the Lake County Clerk's Office located and what are the office hours?
2. How do I obtain a copy of my deed or other recorded document?
3. Can I view data or images over the Internet?
4. How much will it cost to record or obtain copies of my document(s)?
5. Do you maintain a database containing individual plats of survey?
6. Do you maintain a database containing blueprints or other construction-related documentation?
7. I recently paid off my mortgage and my bank sent me a release deed. What do I need to do now?
8. How do I do a title search?
9. How can I pay for the recording or copies fees?
10. How do I open an office billing account?
11. Do you maintain birth, marriage and death record archives?
12. How can I get in contact with a supervisor to address a concern I may have?