What is a victim impact statement?
Victims of “violent” crime have the right to prepare a victim impact statement (VIS) and present it to the office of the State’s Attorney at any time during the proceedings. The VIS is the victim’s opportunity to tell the court prior to sentencing the defendant about the emotional, physical, and financial impact the crime has had upon the victim and victim’s family. The VIS must be completed in writing in conjunction with the State’s Attorneys office prior to the change of plea hearing or sentencing hearing, before it can be presented orally or in writing to the court. The victim coordinator assigned to your case will work with you on how and when to complete a VIS. Any written VIS submitted to the office of the Lake County State’s Attorney and the victim is present in court, shall be considered by the court during its consideration of aggravation and mitigation in plea proceedings under Supreme Court Rule 402 or sentencing hearing.

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2. What is a victim impact statement?