When can I access the property?

Once the sale takes place, the lender’s attorneys must go back to court to get the sale approved. This court hearing is also known as confirming the sale. Once the sale is approved by a judge in court, the deed to the home is issued to the purchaser. If the homeowner is still living in the house, a minimum of 30 days is typically granted to the homeowner after this final court date before an eviction can be scheduled. We strongly suggest you attend the confirmation hearing to expedite receiving the deed. The sale confirmation hearing will take place at the Main Courthouse located at: 18 N. County Street Waukegan, IL 60085

Please call the Lake County Circuit Clerk’s Office at 847-377-3212 to find out the date and time of the court hearing. If you cannot attend the hearing, a copy of the court order (Order Approving Sale) can be obtained at the Lake County Circuit Clerk's Office. You will need to bring the Order Approving Sale to the Lake County Sheriff's Office to obtain the deed.

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