Is a payment on the property required the day of the auction?

Yes. On the sale day, bidders are required to place a minimum 10% deposit of the maximum amount they are willing to spend for the property. If the bid exceeds the bidder’s maximum amount available, the bidder will automatically be out of the bidding process. Keep in mind there may be a number of people bidding for the same property. An opening bid is provided by the lender as a starting point. If an opening bid is not provided by the lender, the property will not go to auction on that day. The opening bid can be found on the Foreclosed Property Listings the day before the scheduled sale date. The balance is due no later than two business days after the scheduled sale date. The Sheriff’s Office accepts certified funds (i.e. bank checks) and/or cash. Personal checks, loan approval notes from a bank or wire transfers will not be accepted.

Foreclosed Property Listings

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6. Is a payment on the property required the day of the auction?
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