What is an autopsy?
An autopsy is a surgical procedure (internal and external examination of the body) used to aid the Coroner in establishing a cause of death in those cases where the cause cannot be established with a reasonable degree of certainty without an autopsy or mandated by State Statute. An autopsy is performed by a licensed forensic pathologist who has been certified by the State of Illinois.

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1. What is the duty of the Coroner as mandated by Illinois State Statute?
2. What is an inquest?
3. Who reports the death to the Coroner?
4. Who signs the death certificate?
5. What authority does the Coroner have in regard to investigation into the circumstances of the death?
6. What authority does the Coroner have in regards to the dead body?
7. What is an autopsy?
8. Does the family need to consent to an autopsy before the Coroner may authorize that one be performed?
9. What is a Coroner's case?
10. What are the responsibilities of the Coroner?