What are the steps to appeal an assessment?
1. Review all of the information on the assessment notice.
2. Visit assessor.lakecountyil.gov to review assessment information including property characteristics, comparable property information, and the e-filing process.
3. Discuss any questions on your assessment value or property information with your township assessor’s office.
4. If an assessment appeal is in order, prepare evidence by using the Lake County Comparable Grid at assessor.lakecountyil.gov, and other materials such as appraisals, or sales documents.
5. Complete an assessment appeal form (by paper, or electronically using the e-filing system) and submit with supporting evidence to the Board of Review by the prescribed deadline.
6. You can attend the hearing in person, by telephone, or submit case materials and ask the Board of Review to decide the case based on the evidence provided. Most cases can be resolved without in-person or telephone hearing. Particularly cases based upon a recent purchase of a subject property, or those based upon an appraisal provided by an Illinois licensed provider.

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4. What are the steps to appeal an assessment?
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