Are taxpayers notified about the assessments on their property?
In General Assessment years, lists of all property assessments must be printed in a public newspaper published in the county, and all taxpayers are sent an assessment notice. In the years between the General Assessment years, a list of real estate assessments which have been changed is published.

Taxpayers in counties other than Cook must also be mailed assessment notices (“blue cards”) if their real property assessments have been changed from the preceding year’s assessments unless the change was caused only by the application of an equalization factor by the Chief County Assessment Office.

As a courtesy, Lake County taxpayers are sent notice of their assessments every year, regardless of whether a change has occurred. The notices may go to mortgage holders if arrangements have been made for tax bills to go directly to them, but the law requires mortgage holders to mail copies of notices to taxpayers. Taxpayers have the right at any time to inspect property record cards and other assessment records for any property, subject to reasonable rules and regulations established by local officials.

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