Where do I go with questions on my assessment?
The township assessor offices are the best place for a property owner to start with their questions on the assessed value. Township assessors and the Chief County Assessment Office are regularly communicating with the public, answering questions and responding to concerns raised by taxpayers. Any taxpayer can examine assessment records of any property at any time. The Chief County Assessment Office has partnered with local assessors to make a great deal of property assessment information available on Lake County’s website. Taxpayers can search assessment records and make comparisons of their properties with other like properties.

It is up to individual property owners to monitor their own assessments. Taxpayers who feel they are not being assessed fairly should meet with a member of their township assessor’s office. In an informal setting, the township assessor's office staff person can explain how the assessment was determined (or changed) and the rationale behind the valuation. Prior to the meeting, taxpayers should compile relevant evidence or other material in support of their claim to the township assessor's office for review.

Township Assessors and their staff are interested in fairly assessing the properties within their jurisdiction. None of the property assessment offices (township assessor, Chief County Assessment Office, Lake County Board of Review) have any direct involvement with the computation of your tax bill. Remember that the amount of increase in a particular assessment or tax bill is not an appropriate reason for an appeal of an assessment. When discussing your assessment with the assessor's office it is recommended that you discuss the fairness of your assessments relative to others and whether the market value estimate is appropriate based upon recent transactions in your immediate area.

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