What kind of property is assessed?
Assessors can only assess real property, commonly known as real estate, and all improvements attached thereto. Assessment of personal property ended in 1979. Real property is defined as land and any permanent improvements to the site. This can include structures of any kind. Some variations exist from one township assessor to another as to those items of real estate that are assessed. Amenities that can impact an assessment are: dwelling size and style, basements (finished and unfinished), decks, patios, garages, number of bathrooms, fireplaces, sheds, driveways, the exterior cover on the home (brick, stone, frame), roofing material, condition, quality and age of the home. However, those items most influential on value such as location preferences, land size, structure type and size are consistently valued throughout Lake County.

The township assessor will rely on exterior measurements of structures when calculating the overall size of the improvements. In order to accurately collect the data used to determine the assessment, it may be necessary for the assessor or their staff to go onto the property. There may also be rare instances when it is important for an assessor to gain entry into the property to clarify certain details; this should only occur if the assessing official provides proper identification.

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