How soon will reports be available?
Election results are reported as available after 7 p.m. Viewers will need to click the refresh button once they enter the reporting pages to ensure the most recent results are being viewed.

Up-to-the-minute Election Day voting tallies for each race are reported in a bar graph format. Results also link to precinct color-coded maps for each race displaying the color assigned to the candidate carrying the precinct.

To toggle from the race summary to color-coded precinct maps, use the map icon labeled "Precincts Reporting." The icon is located adjacent to the heading listing the race title.

Voters and interested parties are urged to visit our Election Results page before Election Day to become familiar with the site's features. The Clerk's office cannot provide website troubleshooting on Election Day. The County Clerk's office also provides current vote count by telephone at (847) 377-2410 starting at 8 p.m. on election night. For more information, visit the Elections Results page.

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1. How soon will reports be available?
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