What is the CPI this year?
The “CPI” for PTELL purposes is the percent change in the Consumer Price Index from December to December. This is typically established by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics in January of the tax year in question. You can find current and historical CPI information on the CPI website.

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1. What do we have to file, and when?
2. What is the timeline for the tax cycle?
3. What is our EAV/new construction for the coming year?
4. How is the PTELL limiting rate calculated?
5. What funds are PTELL-exempt?
6. What happens if our levy is over the limit?
7. What is the CPI this year?
8. Where can I get historical EAV, levy, rate and extension information?
9. Why is our Fire Pension fund split between PTELL and non-PTELL portions?
10. In addition to fund limits and PTELL, are there any other levy limits we should be aware of?