What is the timeline for the tax cycle?
- Last Tuesday in December: deadline for filing levies
- The following January-February: assessment rolls for SSAs and drainage districts confirmed
- March 1: deadline for filing new bond ordinances
- Early March: Chief County Assessment Office certifies property values to the County Clerk’s Office
- March 15: deadline for filing abatement ordinances
- Late March/Early April: Illinois Department of Revenue certifies the county’s state multiplier to the County Clerk’s Office.
- Early April: taxing districts confirm initial tax extension figures and make PTELL adjustments
- Mid April: taxing districts confirm final tax rates and extensions, which the County Clerk’s Office then certifies to the Treasurer’s Office for billing
- Early May: tax bills are mailed
- Early June: first installment due
- Early September: second installment due
- Late November/Early December: delinquent taxes sold at tax sale

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1. What do we have to file, and when?
2. What is the timeline for the tax cycle?
3. What is our EAV/new construction for the coming year?
4. How is the PTELL limiting rate calculated?
5. What funds are PTELL-exempt?
6. What happens if our levy is over the limit?
7. What is the CPI this year?
8. Where can I get historical EAV, levy, rate and extension information?
9. Why is our Fire Pension fund split between PTELL and non-PTELL portions?
10. In addition to fund limits and PTELL, are there any other levy limits we should be aware of?