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Posted on: September 6, 2023

Pavement Rejuvenator Being Applied to Bike Paths

For years LCDOT has been successfully applying pavement rejuvenator to newly paved roads, and now, we’re going to see if it can help us extend the life of our bike paths! On Thursday, Sept. 7 our contractor will be applying the rejuvenator to the Hawley Street Bike Path between IL 176 and Gilmer Road. The path will be closed overnight after application.
The maltene-based pavement rejuvenator acts like glue which creates a tighter surface, slowing the oxidation process and prevents water from sitting in cracks in the pavement, reducing damage from freeze-thaw cycles. We hope to see similar results to our roadways, which would mean we can extend the life of this bike path by up to five years before we need to reconstruct it again. 

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