Technical Crash Investigation Team

Crash Photo

The Technical Crash Investigations Team responds to calls from the Highway Patrol Unit when a traffic crash is beyond the scope of what the Deputy on the scene is trained to investigate, when there is great bodily harm, or when there is a fatality.

Crash investigators are specially trained through Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.  Using advanced mathematics and science along with state of the art technology, including an unmanned aerial vehicle (commonly known as a drone), investigators map and reconstruct crash scenes.  Investigators respond to the crash scene and conduct all areas of the investigation through review and possible prosecution with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.  The team strives to investigate all crashes in a professional manner and fulfill a core value of the Sheriff’s Office in conducting investigations in a fair and objective manner.

In 2018, the Technical Crash Investigations Team consisted of nine (9) deputies and one sergeant who investigated 32 major crashes involving pedestrians, cars, semis, motorcycles, and trains.