Tactical Response Team

In 1977, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department formed a Tactical Response Team (TRT) in response to the death of Deputy Gary D. Murphy, killed in the line of duty. TRT is a professionally trained and highly equipped team of deputies prepared to safely manage or assist in potentially hazardous incidents. Hazardous incidents include, but are not limited to, the delivery of barricaded subjects, hostage situations, high-risk warrant service and suicidal subjects.

The TRT includes 2 command officers and 18 tactical officers, including 8 hostage negotiation team members, referred to as HNTs.
Tactical Response Team Search Warrant - September 18, 2012
Qualifications & Training
TRT members must qualify by passing a series of rigorous physical tests incorporating technical and firearm skills. Upon successful completion, an interview and performance review by command staff is conducted followed by final approval. TRT members are required to complete 16 training sessions per year and a week every September. Sniper units train an additional 2 times per month.