K-9 Team

_DSC1265 Arrowood_Duke_Forlenza_Dax_Somerville_Diesel
As of June of 2022, the Lake County Sheriff's Office has seven canines teams.  These canine teams patrol all of Lake County and provide services to the areas the Lake County Sheriff's Office is responsible to cover.  Additionally, they regularly support countywide municipal law-enforcement.  

Lake County Sheriff’s Canines Boomer, Dax, Duke, Danno, Ryker and their handlers have a proven track record of success for the Lake County community.  They have been responsible for locating hundreds of missing people, fleeing suspects, numerous discarded firearms or other evidence, and hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs.

In March of 2022, the Lake County Sheriff's Office added canines Echo and Axel.  

All new canines and canine handlers complete an intense eight-week initial training program at Tops K9 in Grayslake.  The training consists of canine psychology, obedience, agility, tracking, scent detection, and more.  Their training does not end there, the teams train together several times a month.  
RESIZED  Duke on Car