911 Emergency Communications Center

The 911 Communications Center is located in Libertyville, adjacent to the Highway Patrol Headquarters. It is the hub of all emergency radio communications and 911 calls for the Sheriff’s Office. The Communications Center serves every division within the Sheriff’s Office along with Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, Lake County Forest Preserve Police, Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group and the Lake County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit. The Communications Division is staffed with 27 trained telecommunicators providing a 24/7 essential service.

The Communications Division is capable of sharing and transferring information locally and nationally with the use of computer networks including LEADS (Law Enforcement Automated Data System) and NCIC (National Crime Information Center).


All telecommunicators undergo an intensive regimen in the use of state-of-the-art CAD, Mapping and Communication technologies. Continuing education is provided to keep pace with changes in technology. The introduction of GEOLINKS and enhanced 911 “Phase 2” provide mapping tools with the ability to pinpoint cell phone locations, enhancing the ability to track victims as well as offenders.


In addition to providing emergency first-responder services, the 911 Communications Center is the point of contact for key holder emergency contact information for alarm services.