Flood Information

Unincorporated residents are eligible for flood insurance premium discounts!

Information Resources

There are many types of flood information resources available for owners of property located in Unincorporated Lake County. This information includes FEMA publications and maps, flood safety information, property flood protection measures, floodplain permit requirements and flood insurance information, which is all available in our flood safety information brochure (PDF).

The following articles, published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), are available to assist Lake County residents with minimizing flood-related damages to residential buildings and properties

Elevation Certificates

The public may also have access to information about Elevation Certificates for parcels in Unincorporated Lake County. This information is made available through the Lake County Building and Engineering Division.

Please call the Building and Engineering Division at 847-377-2081 if you would like to find out if an Elevation Certificate is on file for a particular structure or if you have any questions about flooding and your property