Juvenile Investigations Section

The Juvenile Investigation Section is tasked with investigating each assigned incident involving juveniles (under the age of 18) identified or suspected as violators. In addition, Juvenile Detectives investigate cases of child neglect and abuse, as well as missing and runaway juveniles.

Advocacy Center Team

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Advocacy Center Team remains an integral part in facilitating the safety, security and investigations of child victims of abuse. The Advocacy Center Team works directly with the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center. Child Safety Officers are trained to assess, investigate and manage cases involving children. In addition, Child Safety Officers provide educational programming to both children and adults on the prevention and detection of child abuse.

School Resource Officers

A Resource Officer from the Criminal Investigations Unit is assigned to the Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL). The SEDOL campus consists of Cyd Lash Academy, Gages Lake School, Laremont School and the SEDOL administrative complex.

Beach Park School District #3 and the Sheriff's Office partnered and assigned a Sheriff's detective to the Beach Park Middle School as a school resource officer. In early fall, 2018, the Lake County Tech Campus entered into an agreement with the Lake County Sheriff's Office for a school resource officer.

In addition to the SEDOL Campus, Beach Park Middle School, and the Lake County Tech Campus, the Community Safety Team is responsible for nearly 50 additional public and private schools throughout Lake County, with students ranging from pre-school to grade 12.