The construction of a single family or two family dwelling requires a Site Development Permit and a Building Permit. The installation of a septic system (Individual Sewage Disposal (ISD) system) requires a Site Development Permit and the Lake County Health Department approval.

What Do I Need?
  1. Address or the Property Index Number (PIN)
  2. Site Plan and Topographic Survey/Grading Plan requirements:
    • Three (3) complete sets including septic design, if applicable. The plans must be signed and sealed by a professional engineer or a certified surveyor of the State of Illinois.
    • An additional two (2) sets if a building permit is being reviewed concurrently.
    • Three (3) complete sets of revised documents, if revisions are required. An additional two (2) sets are required if a building permit is being reviewed concurrently.
    • Two (2) additional sets of building plans (architectural drawings) if the site contains floodplain or flood table areas.
  3. Health Department approval if the site contains a septic system (ISD). The permit can be applied for and reviewed concurrently with the Site Development Permit.
  4. Driveway access approval from the appropriate highway authority such as: Township Highway Commission (PDF), Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT), Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), or private road governing authority.
  5. Permit fees are required at the time of application. A check, cash, credit/debit card are accepted. Additional fees may be required for a Wetland Jurisdiction Determination (JD).
Your site may be inspected at anytime and it must be in compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance and the approved engineering plans at all times. Please see the list of required inspections.