Veterans Treatment & Assistance Court

About the Court
"The Veterans Treatment and Assistance Court (VTAC) is a program that provides veterans involved in the justice system help and favorable alternatives. Through VTAC the court partners in this collaborative program work to reduce recidivism, enhance public safety and reduce the cost of the criminal justice process, including incarceration, by focusing on the underlying problems that the veteran is encountering with treatment, support and structure.” The philosophy is that the VTAC Team’s help and supervision will assist the veteran in resolving the issues that contributed to the criminal behavior, will result in a permanent life change and prevent a recurrence.
Court in session
Eligibility Criteria
  • Honorable or General Discharge after completion of boot camp
  • Service-related disability or is currently on active military duty
  • Probation/supervision-eligible felony, misdemeanor, DUI, and petty offenses
  • Crimes against a person must have consent of victim (excludes violent offenses with serious injuries or where death occurred)
  • Pre- and post-plea participation
  • Willingness to participate in the program and preferably eligible for veterans benefits
  • Eligible for veteran benefits
Mentoring Program
Veteran mentors supporting the participating veterans during the program is an integral and essential component to success. It is the mission of the mentoring program to help the veterans navigate through the court process, the VA system and community readjustment. Mentors become guides, advocates and allies to the veteran. If you are a veteran yourself and interested in becoming a mentor contact Rudy Martin at Adult Probation Services at 847-377-3964.