Choices Program

The goal of the Choices Program is to prevent young people from making bad choices now that will have a negative impact on the rest of their lives.

Action Plan
  • Speaking to young people in schools about the consequences of bad choices
  • Providing educational presentations to parents regarding current trends in the community related to gangs, drugs and sexual practices among young people
  • Partnering with local schools and offering demonstrations to students illustrating the prompt response of the jail’s CRT (Correction Response Team) when a threat occurs within the jail
  • Encouraging students to consider careers in law enforcement
  • Officers presenting inspiring, true stories of young people learning to make better choices and becoming successful members of the community.
  • Demonstrating how the jail operates; and the dangers of becoming involved with gangs and drugs.
Choice Program speaker
Mission Statement
The mission of the Choices Program is to encourage young people to make wise choices today that will have a positive impact on their future. This will be accomplished by working with young people and their parents in helping them learn how to make positive choices by using mentoring, education and demonstrations.

Further Information
The Sheriff’s Office seeks to collaborate with organizations committed to Keeping Lake County Safe. Programming is free and the public is encouraged to contact Sam Cunningham via email or at 847-377-4088 to schedule a program in their community.