Dental Assistance

About the Program
The purpose of the Veterans Dental Program is to assist veterans whose dental health is a barrier to employment, poses an immediate health risk, or significantly affects the overall well being of the veteran. Eligible veterans will receive restorative dental service (not maintenance and prevention) from local dentists participating in the program. If you are receiving Vocational Rehab, after 30 days in the program, you are eligible for dental services at the VA.

Eligible veterans will have met the following criteria:
  • The veteran and/or spouse and children under 18, must be eligible for financial assistance through the Veterans Assistance Commission of Lake County.
  • The veteran must not have medical insurance, be eligible for dental service from the VA, be eligible for and have a reasonable expectation of receiving service from state, local, or agency dental programs.
  • The veteran must have a discernible need for dental service.
  • The applicant must be employable and actively searching for full time employment as verified by the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Individuals receiving Social Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, VA disability compensation greater than 60%,VA Non-Service Disability Pension, and students will not be considered as actively looking for employment and therefore be considered as the lowest priority for dental service.
  • The eligible applicant must be willing to complete all phases of restorative dental service.
Appointment Information
A candidate for the program will be provided an appointment with one of the participating dentists for a dental screening. The patient must report to the appointment in clean clothing, on time, sober, and bathed. The dentist may perform a cleaning and x-rays to better assess what needs to be done. The dentist will examine the candidate to determine the most conservative treatment to restore the patient to good dental health. The restoration process may take several months and require multiple visits.

There is a service cap of $4,000 per patient. The VAC will not be responsible for delays in dental care due to patient negligence or failure to report to scheduled appointments. The VAC shall support a dentist’s decision to refuse service to a candidate who does not cooperate with the dentist or staff. The VAC shall pay for approved services within ten working days upon receipt of an invoice from the dentist’s office. The dentist will examine a candidate to determine the scope of the individual’s dental service requirements. The dentist will provide the VAC with a brief assessment and a non-binding estimate of what needs to be done and the cost.

The VAC will contact the dentist’s office to make an appointment on behalf of the patient. The dentist will provide an itemized invoice to the VAC for service showing the usual and customary fee. Per agreement, the VAC will process the payment to the dental facility who provided services.