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"LCDOT also plays a large role in incorporating green infrastructure into the design of roadways and bike paths." - Strategic Plan

LCDOT Sustainability Story Map

At the LCDOT, we are incorporating many sustainable practices into our operations, buildings, and maintenance. While also accommodating non-motorized travel alternatives and maintaining an efficient transportation network.


Operations make and maintain roadways in sustainable ways: native landscaping, living snow fence, water quality basins, micro-resurfacing vs HMA, bike paths made of recycled asphalt shingles, etc. 


Adopt A Highway is a public service program for environmentally-conscious citizen's groups to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment by volunteering to pick up litter along Lake County's highway system.  

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure provides many critical functions that promote the health and vitality of communities and Lake County overall. Green Infrastructure is being integrated into many aspects of roadside work: native vegetation, living snow fences, filtration basins, and more...


Whenever possible, bike paths are added during a reconstruction and widening project, and bike-friendly shoulders are added where appropriate during resurfacing projects. LCDOT works with municipal agencies and other partners to look for opportunities to connect the dots and fill the gaps in the non-motorized network.