Site Development Inspections

Site Development Inspections are required as part of the Site Development Permit process. The number and type of inspections required depend on the type of work. The required inspections on a specific project are noted on a permit card issued with a Site Development Permit.

Common Inspections
Some of the more common inspections are:
  • Pre-permitting inspection
  • Erosion control (silt fence) inspection
  • Rough/Final grading inspection
  • Wetland inspection
  • Temporary Pre-Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) inspection
  • Site Development Final Pre-C/O inspection*
More Information
To schedule inspections, please contact the Planning, Building and Development Department office at 847-377-2600 at least 48 hours prior to inspection.

*Please refer to the Site Development permit card to make sure all required conditions have been met prior to scheduling the Site Development Final Pre-Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) inspection.