Lake County Transportation Market Analysis

The Lake County Transportation Market Analysis project has three main objectives. First, conduct a detailed evaluation of the travel markets in the County, as characterized by the socioeconomic characteristics of the travelers and the magnitude, directionality, and type of their travel. Second, analyze the service profile of existing fixed route and demand-responsive transit services in Lake County. Third, develop transit service concepts that are consistent with travel market characteristics and responsive to the transportation needs of Lake County residents.

In order to fulfill these objectives, a market analysis study focusing on supply and demand of transportation services was designed. The study also was supported by a service planning component to develop ideas for improving existing transit service and to introduce new service options. A preliminary high-level assessment of these ideas was conducted to develop priorities. These ideas serve as a menu of options that Lake County and transit agencies serving the county may choose from to further study and to consider for implementation.​​​​​​​​​​

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