Floodplain Sites
A floodplain is an area located adjacent to a stream or a lake or a depressional area that may be periodically covered by water up to a certain elevation. This elevation is known as the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) and is used to determine whether a site is in a floodplain.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain maps can be used to make a preliminary determination of the presence of a floodplain or floodway. You may also contact the Building & Engineering Division at 847-377-2600 to obtain a preliminary determination of the presence of a floodplain on a property.

Elevation Certificate & Floodproofing Certificate
An Elevation Certificate is a FEMA form that is used to certify the elevation to which a building has been constructed. A Floodproofing Certificate is a FEMA form that is used to certify that a building has been designed and constructed to be structurally flood proofed to the flood protection elevation.

An Elevation Certificate/Floodproofing Certificate, must meet the following requirements:
  • Both certificates can be completed by an Architect or an Illinois Registered Professional Engineer.
  • An Elevation Certificate can also be completed by an Illinois Licensed Land Surveyor
  • Both certificates shall be submitted and approved by the Building & Engineering Division prior to requesting a certificate of occupancy inspection.
Specific elevations required are determined prior to permit issuance and are indicated on the approved plans: