Medical Assistance

The Veterans Assistance Commission (VAC) promotes the welfare of honorably discharged veterans of military service and their families. The VAC acts as a central service office for all veteran organizations and has general oversight of the distribution of emergency assistance to military veterans and their families.

Dental Treatment

A veteran or family member needing emergency dental treatment who is within the poverty level index, who has an honorable discharge, and is a Lake County resident should contact our office for eligibility.  This will be done as long as Grant funds are available.

April 2015, we were awarded a $10,000 dental grant from the State of Illinois Scratch off Lottery Grant. Due to limited funds, we will only be able to provide dental assistance for emergency pain at this time. Once funds are used, we will no longer be able to assist with dental unless we are awarded another grant in the near future.

Read more about the dental program.


A veteran in need of glasses to be work-ready may apply to the VAC Superintendent and be considered on a basis of necessity.  If eligible, an eye exam must be done at the VA Medical Center. The resulting prescription must then be brought to the VAC to obtain the eyeglasses.

 If the veteran is rated at 10% service connected or higher, he/she is eligible for glasses at the James A. Lovell FHCC and may obtain them once every two years.