Housing Assistance

The Veterans Assistance Commission (VAC) promotes the welfare of honorably discharged veterans of military service and their families. The VAC acts as a central service office for all veteran organizations and has general oversight of the distribution of emergency assistance to military veterans and their families.

Mortgage Payments
Mortgage payments or contract sales agreements will be paid to the vendor managing rent, provided that this payment will be accepted by the firm or contract sales holder. The VAC will not pay taxes, insurance, repairs or mortgage in arrears, except at the discretion of the Superintendent in a unmanageable situation.

Property Tax
Homestead Exemption can help certain veterans lower their assessed property values. Please check the Assessor's page for more information.

Rental Payments

Upon agreement with the landlord or owner, the Commission may pay a monthly rental if eligible. The VAC does not make rental deposits, security deposits or back rental payments, except at the discretion of the Superintendent.

Utility Payments

Payment on utilities will be made at the discretion of the Superintendent and the bills must be in the veterans name. Bills for a previous residence will not be considered. 

No telephone bill is paid unless a medical problem exists that could endanger the life of the veteran or his family. In no instance will long distance calls be paid. Limitations on payments may be waived in instances where claim benefits or anticipated income has been delayed.