Code Enforcement & Property Complaints

Code Enforcement & Property Complaints in Unincorporated Lake County

The Planning, Building and Development Department is responsible for the enforcement of:

  •  Chapter 151: Unified Development Ordinance of the Lake County Code identifies zoning regulations, sign regulations, natural resource protection standards, stormwater detention, drainage and soil erosion and sediment control standards.
  • The Building Codes (structure’s compliance with the codes)
  •  Chapter 94 of the Lake County Code regulates junk and debris, inoperable vehicles, construction hours and noise.

Who to Call

If you have a complaint regarding building and zoning related violations including: 

  • Work without permits, improper use of the property, building code violations, junk and debris and inoperable vehicles, please call:
    • Building and Engineering Division - Telephone: 847-377-4444
  • Drainage, storm water detention, soil erosion and sediment control, floodplain and wetlands, please call:
    • Building and Engineering Division - Telephone: 847-377-4444
  • Woodland disturbance, please call:
    • Planning and Development Services Division - Telephone: 847-377-4444
  • Noise, please call:
    • Lake County Sheriff's Office - Telephone: 847-377-4000
The following information is required to follow up on your complaint:
  • Address, specific location or Property Index Number (PIN), if available, of the property where the violation exists
  • Nature of specific violation
  • Time/day of week that the violation usually occurs
If you would like, you may provide your name and telephone number; however this information is not required.