2040 Transportation Plan

The Lake County 2040 Transportation Plan is a long range plan that identifies deficiencies and recommends improvements necessary to address the future transportation needs of Lake County addressing roadway, transit, and non-motorized modes of travel.

Lake County's 2040 Transportation Plan was adopted by the Lake County Board in June 2014.

Planning Process

The 2040 Transportation Plan followed a consensus-based approach including stakeholder and multi-agency involvement.

2040 poster transit side
2040 poster roadway side

Roadway Network

Roadway network modeling was built off of CMAP’s regional transportation model with adjustments to local characteristics. Once the county model was calibrated with existing known traffic conditions, baseline improvements were added to the network.

The model included population and employment projections to the year 2040 and the corresponding traffic impacts to the roadway system. Deficiency Analysis was based on three measures of performance: Level of Service (LOS), Volume to Capacity Ratio (V/C), and Travel Desire Ratio (TDR). The results of these measures were combined into a Deficiency Index that identified roadways to be considered for improvement. Improvements were then prioritized based on the Deficiency Index, previous studies, cost, and potential to link people to jobs.

Transit and non-motorized recommendations were based on the assessed needs of users throughout the County. Previous plans such as Lake County’s 2020 Transportation Plan (PDF) and CMAP’s GoTo2040 were evaluated as well. Planned transit and non-motorized projects considered connectivity, existing facilities and services, and jurisdictional issues.

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