Outpatient Mental Health Waukegan Groups

Coping Skills Group
This group will help you develop skill-building and awareness of need for self care skills, such as assertiveness, limit and boundary setting and improving self esteem.

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Group
You must be involved in individual therapy at our clinic to be in this group. The group uses instructional lecture, group discussion, behavioral rehearsal with modeling and role-play, written handouts, and homework assignments to help you decrease unmanageable issues in your life. Mindfulness skills are central to this group.

Depression/Anxiety Group for Spanish Speakers
This group is conducted only in Spanish, and it focuses on the problems, losses and changes that lead clients to become depressed/anxious, including but not limited to isolation, financial struggles, medical concerns, past trauma, relationship difficulties, and acculturation.

Dual Diagnosis Group
The central task of this group is to help clients learn more about the interaction between addiction and mental illness, and to help them increase stability in adult functioning through the establishment of sustained sobriety and continued recovery from mental illness. You must be receiving services from at least one of our Behavioral Service programs to be in this group.