Outpatient Mental Health Libertyville Groups

Depression/Anxiety Group(s) for Spanish Speakers
These groups are conducted only in Spanish, and they focus on the problems, losses and changes that lead clients to become depressed/anxious, including but not limited to isolation, financial struggles, medical concerns, past trauma, relationship difficulties, and acculturation.

Wellness Group
Adults who want to focus on stress-reduction, relaxation techniques, and learn new ways to advance their health, are welcome to join us. Topics covered include how to challenge thinking, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and proper sleep habits.

Developing Healthier Relationships
The primary focus of this group is on setting boundaries in relationships and on improving self-care. Interpersonal dynamics between group members are processed to help improve skills in relating to others.

Socialization Group
The primary focus of this group is on learning social skills and developing healthy ways to relate to other people.