Water Wells

Staff inspect and monitor private, semi-private and supplemental irrigation wells along with non-community water systems to protect groundwater from contamination and assure safe drinking water for citizens of Lake County in both incorporated and unincorporated areas. We also ensure minimum standards in the Lake County Code, Chapter 170 are enforced to determine the location, construction and modification of water wells, including closed loop geothermal wells, installation of water well pumps and related equipment.

Obtaining a Water Testing Kit

To obtain a water testing kit, please stop by our office or one of our water sample kit participants. The kit includes a sealed water sample bottle, laboratory form and instructions for taking the sample. 

For further information regarding water testing, please contact us at 847-377-8020. 

Promoting & Maintaining Safe Drinking Water

We provide information about promoting and maintaining safe drinking water by consulting with well contractors, homeowners and environmental consultants. We also provide early assistance to help with projects such as a tear-down/rebuild on a site with an existing water well.
Well Spudder
We respond to any water well related complaints including answering questions about water quality (bacteria, chemical, aesthetic issues), the well ordinance and permit fees.

New wells are inspected after installation and sampled prior to being placed into service. Abandoned wells are inspected to assure they are properly sealed to protect the aquifer.

Water Well Contractors

Licensed Water Well Contractors List

Geothermal Well Installers/Contractors List