What Is My PIN?

Property/Permanent Index Number (PIN)

How Can I Find My Parcel's Property Index Number (PIN)?

The Lake County Chief County Assessment Office uses the Property Index Number (PIN) to identify every tax parcel in the County. Each PIN is unique. The PIN numbering system enables Planning, Building and Development Department staff to quickly identify parcels on the County's digital maps and permitting software and provide customers with accurate and timely information about their property.

The easiest way to find your PIN is to look it up on the Chief County Assessment Office's Property Tax Assessment Information by Address page. Your PIN will be displayed at the top of the search results page and labeled PARID. You can also call the department at 847-377-2050 or contact your township assessor's office.

Your PIN can also be found on:

  • Your property's deed
  • Your property tax bill
  • Your Assessment Notice - the blue card that the Assessment Office sends property owners each year as notification of new assessment of property.