Types of Inspections

Inspections In Unincorporated Lake County
Lake County Planning, Building and Development Department staff conducts inspections to assure that projects comply with all applicable building codes and regulations of the Lake County Code of Ordinances.

Types of Inspections
  • Building Inspections
    • After a Building Permit is issued, the project is inspected at various stages of construction.
    • Examples include: Footings, Setbacks and Rough Inspections
  • Site Development Inspections
    • Site Development Inspections are required as part of the Site Development Permit process.
    • Examples include: Erosion control (silt fence)and Wetland inspections
  • Woodland Analysis and Inspections
    • Inspections are conducted at various stages of development to ensure that woodlands are protected as required by Chapter 151: Unified Development Ordinance.

    Use the resources above to access detailed information about each type of inspection and for contact information.