Inmate Worker Program

Lake County jail inmates are required to participate in the cleaning of their cells as well as scheduled cleaning of the common areas within the pods daily. In addition, county-sentenced inmates are offered the opportunity to be workers in the kitchen, laundry room, commissary, and as daily maintenance of the common areas of the facility. Inmate workers learn valuable skills, discipline and responsibility while also earning commissary for compensation.

Work Opportunities
Roughly 45 inmates are working in the Lake County Jail on any given day.
  • Working in the kitchen includes food preparation skills, serving and cleaning. On a typical day at the Lake County Jail, roughly 2,200 meals are served.
  • Working in the laundry area includes learning the proper way to wash and dry clothes as well as sorting, folding and organizing clothes for delivery. Each inmate's laundry is washed twice a week.
  • Working in the Commissary includes learning to sort inventory, fill orders and complete commissary forms.
  • Daily maintenance includes cleaning floors and walls throughout the common areas of the jail.
These opportunities help inmates develop good work habits, build self-esteem and prepare them for reentry into the community.
Inmate working in the kitchen.