Suicide Prevention

Suicides in Lake County outnumber Homicides over 3 to 1. Each year, 60 individuals in Lake County die of Suicide. This fact is not known by the general public.  We at the Lake County Coroner's Office believe that suicide is preventable by raising awareness.

Suicide affects every race and ethnicity, all socioeconomic groups, and individuals, from youths to seniors. For every suicide, an estimated 8 to 10 lives are severely impacted. For every suicide, an estimated 18 attempts have been made.

Please view the Suicide Prevention Support Services Brochure (PDF) to learn about several resources in our county and nearby areas. Many organizations offer services at little or no cost to individuals in need.

Should you know anyone who is at risk of suicide, please share these resources with them and urge them to get help. By working together, we hope to save the lives of those in need.